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Don't sweat the small stuff!

by Jessica Mansfield

My wedding day has been and gone and I miss being consumed by all the planning that went along with it.  I thought I might have massive withdrawals of wedding fever, but instead I’m happily enjoying the memories of the ‘best day of my life.’

Our wedding took place in the UK, where we were lucky to enjoy one the best summers the UK has experienced in the past five years.  I’m Sydney born and bred, so it was a risk (weather wise) having our big day in the English countryside.

My husband proposed in February this year, and our wedding took place in July.  Yes, you read correctly, that’s four months of planning!  We were lucky enough to be able to secure our first venue of choice and incredibly enough I found my Jenny Packham gown on the first day dress shopping.  The big decisions were somehow stress-free, it ended up being the smaller details that consumed me.  As our parents were contributing to the reception, we thought it would be a nice idea to get their opinion on choosing the menu.  Big mistake!  Everyone had differing opinions and we ended up debating the options for three months.  What a waste of time and energy.  Do you really think anyone will remember what side of vegetables came with their rack of lamb?  I spent an incredible amount of money on my shoes, which I bought online.  They ended up going missing in the post and they just happened to be the last pair in my size…anywhere!  I cried and cried over those shoes for days.

My family and best friends travelled all the way from Australia to be at our wedding, with only a few months notice.  We only had 35 guests, and we sat on one big table, which gave the reception an intimate feel.  After dinner, every single person got up and danced and didn’t stop until the music ended at 1am.  It was the first time my family met my husband’s family and it was so wonderful to see everyone having a great time (plus getting along brilliantly).  Along with saying ‘I-do’ this was definitely the best part of the day.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  When it comes to the day, it’s not the stuff that matters!


September 18, 2013

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