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Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Wedding

by Mary Flanders

Finding the right jewellery to wear on your wedding day will complete your overall look.  Whether you’re going for something classic, vintage or modern, the right earrings and necklace will add the finishing touch.


Below are some tips to consider for finding the best bridal jewellery.   


  1. Try shopping for it online. Try to narrow down your searches and choose the top three best stores that offer jewellery. Try to check the reputation of the store online. This can be ascertained from the feedback of people with regards the store.


  1. Look for jewellery that complements your features. Understand the type of jewellery that complements your face shape and colouring.  Experiment to see what best suits you and makes the most of your best features.


  1. Keep it simple. Simplicity equals beauty!  Remember that your jewellery will be used to complement your overall look, not to grab the attention away from your face.


  1. Choose jewellery that falls within your budget. This is the safest threshold that you will consider whenever you are in the process of choosing jewellery. The moment you go beyond what you have budgeted, you might sacrifice other aspects of your wedding such as your bridal party or other accessories.


  1. Get the advice of a friend or family member, whose opinion you trust! 


  1. Consider comfort.  Large heavy earrings will give you a headache and you’ll want to ditch them after an hour.


Make your wedding day perfect and memorable by choosing the right jewellery. It doesn’t have to empty your pockets.





October 19, 2013