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Wedding sashes in 12 gorgeous colours. Polka Dot PJ'S for the Hens Party.

Bridal robes in waffle, satin and satin.' Waffle Make-up bags & Slippers plus Wedding Tote bags.

Party Bags

Party bags can be used for many different purposes at your event. They can be used to hold lollies and treats, gifts for guests or anything else you can imagine.

Classic popcorn containers are a great idea if you’re planning a movie night and want to really bring home that cinema experience. 

Chalkboard style treat bags can be written on and therefore personalised, and are a great option for a chalkboard themed event.

If you’re just after something a little more simple, then flat pocket style goodie bags are an excellent option and come in a range of colours.

Browse through the options today and get the party favour bags your need for your event!

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