Wedding Sashes, Waffle Robes, Tote Bags, HIS & HERS beach towels, Lacey underwear for the Bride, Trunks for the Groom

Vintage Floral and Fun Polka Dot Robes for the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour all in stock.

Striped and coloured Groom Socks, Wedding satin slippers, Just Married Hoodies, Vintage Floral & Bunting graphic tees, Hens' nite Tanks,

Wedding Trunks for the Groom, Gifts for the BestMan, Page Boy Trunks and Flower Girl tees.

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Every wedding needs wedding accessories and getting wedding accessories online is simply the easiest and best way to do it.

With a selection of garters, jewellery, invitations, bottle labels and more you’ll be able to find everything you needed and everything you forgot about all in one place!

It’s extremely important to match the accessories to the design and theme of your wedding. We get that and at Mi Emporium we believe customisation is the only way to truly achieve this. All our designs are highly adaptable and changeable so that every single detail right through to the colour of the text on your wine bottle sitting in the middle of the table matches the décor of the rest of the night.

Get the exact looks and designs you need and add that something extra with Mi Emporium today!